House Tolonen

House Tolonen of Paasilinna
The Tolonens are a house nearly as old as the Wulffs, and they have been right behind their king at nearly every major event in history. Some say that it is the Tolonens who actually rule behind all of the Wulff hubris. In any case, the Tolonens are a powerful house who have a strong impact on the political happenings of the land. They are the Wardens of the Fennlands, which they rule from the thriving port city of Paasilinna.
House Tolonen is a vassal of House Wulff.

  • Toumas Tolonen, High Lord – Age: 53 – Lord of House Tolonen and the Warden of the Fennlands. Toumas is a charismatic leader, shrewd statesman, and masterful tactician. His health has declined in recent years.
    • {Midea Tolonen, Lady} – Age: 51 – Deceased wife of Toumas, she was always a sickly woman and childbirth took its toll on her. She died at the age of 20 after never fully recovering from Alessa’s birth.
      • {Eddard Tolonen, Sir} – Age: 34 – The deceased heir to house Tolonen. Eddard died when his bedchamber caught fire, and with his death inheritance of the family passed to Samuel, Eddard’s uncle.
      • Alessa Wulff, Queen – Age: 33 – The 1st daughter of Toumas. She is married to King Klaus Wulff and lives in Karmila with their 4 children.
    • Laani Tolonen, Lady – Age: 45 – Second wife of Toumas, they married when she was 30 but she has yet to bear any children.

  • Samuel Tolonen, Lord – Age: 45 – Younger brother of Toumas and a well respected man. He is his brother’s right hand man.
      • Cherith Tolonen, Lady – Age: 26 – The 1st daughter of Samuel. She is a beautiful woman and the desire of every lord in Signar. Her husband was recently trampled by his horse, and she has yet to find a new one.
      • Alexi Tolonen, Sir – Age: 24 – The 1st son and heir of Samuel. He has made a reputation for himself as a somewhat cruel man through his dealings with insurrections within his own lands.
      • Lars Tolonen, Sir – Age: 21 – The 2nd son of Samuel; Lars is a quiet, scholarly fellow rarely seen by the public.

  • Henri Tolonen, Lord Marshal – Age: 42 – Cousin of Toumas and Samuel, Henri is one of the 3 Lord Marshals of Signar, the highest military rank. He is a stern man who operates on the notion that only an enemy who is crushed in both body and spirit is no longer a threat. Currently he serves as commanding Marshal of the occupying force in Krell.
    • Irene Tolonen, Lady – Age: 37 – A quiet woman and faithful wife of Henri. She is only seen in public when with her husband, and she only speaks when spoken to.
      • Henri Tolonen II, Sir – Age: 21 – 1st son of Henri and Irene and heir to their lands. Henri II is a skilled warrior who takes after his father.
      • Remar Tolonen, Sir – Age: 16 – 2nd son of Henri and Irene. Though barely a man, he is already a skilled swordsman.
      • Sonia Tolonen – Age: 13 – 1st daughter of Henri and Irene. She is incredibly beautiful and will be the desire of all the noblemen when she comes of age.
      • Janna Tolonen – Age: 6 – 2nd daughter of Henri and Irene: a rambunctious child.

House Tolonen

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