Freedom Overview

The proud people of Krell have long toiled under the oppressive rule of the Protectorate occupiers. Their own King is held as a helpless prisoner in his own castle, their traditions mocked and persecuted, and their harvests stolen as “tribute” to a faceless dictator. Beaten and weary, the people look only for someone to rally them against their oppressors.

Into this situation the Players are thrust: unlikely heroes in a desperate time. They will rise from obscurity to become the heroes who challenge the Signaran occupiers of Krell. Whether they meet with success or defeat is still to be see, but their presence will most certainly be felt.

A campaign for 2-4 Players.

The 3 PCs are common folk from a rural area outside of Kreigsende, capitol of Krell. Like any good Krellite, they are religious folk (some might say superstitious) and they are active in their community. Krellites (even those who are not ethnically from Krell) know that they must look after each other because no one else will.

Krell has long been under military occupation by Protectorate forces, and since the uprising by Guistan Godhoof 10 years ago, garrisons have been stronger than ever. While the rural areas are fairly free of Protectorate soldiers, the cities are crawling with them, and it is well known that the King, Orric Schwarzhande, is more prisoner than King, despite how the occupiers try to make things seem.

Character Creation
Characters may be any Human ethnicity, though Krellites, Nords, and Solots are most common. Non-human races are generally more accepted throughout Krell than the rest of the Protectorate, with the notable exception of Elves, who are generally disliked and mistrusted. Brown Orks, Ogres, Goblins, and Hobgoblins are all fairly common, while Black Orks and Ork Ogres, Troglodytes, and Dwarves are not unheard of.

The characters are all of little or no real status, though they may be respected in their communities: sitting on the town counsel or holding some small office. Magic users will likely be either the town Priest or his/her assistant. Any character who does not wish to follow the local religion will likely be severely looked down on by other members of the community and will likely only be tolerated, rather than truly accepted. This is also the case for Players who wish to play as any Elf ethnicity.

Freedom Overview

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