Ascension Overview

The King has announced an extravagant tournament in honor of the new century. All lords are encouraged to attend the week long event which promises to be a time for the nobles to jockey for political favor and for soldiers to distinguish themselves. As is always the case at such events, there will be more than friendly competition. Political posturing, deceit, and no doubt some degree of treachery are all sure to be found.

From this beginning, heroes will be born and villains revealed, threats born, and allies made. What transpires will take characters from Karmila, capitol of the Protectorate, throughout the Fennlands and likely beyond: perhaps to Krell in the West, the frozen mountains of the Issjor, or to the sun baked lands of Gallotia.

A campaign for 2-4 Players.

At least one of the PCs is the son or daughter of a lesser noble who resides in the northeastern Fennlands. Their father, Garren has been a loyal vassal of King Klaus Wulff. The King, in honor of the new century and his 12th year in power, has thrown an extravagant tournament in celebration. Lords from all across the land will be attending, and the PC’s father has insisted that they too attend. He would go himself, but he has become quite frail in the last few years and does not think he could make journey. It is up to the PC to represent their house.

Character Requirements
At least one of the PCs must be a member of the noble family and have Garren and Ela as their parents. Only one Character is required to be from this family, but any number of characters may be siblings. Non-family characters must be loyal to either the PC who is part of the family or the family in general. There could be any number of reasons for this loyalty: childhood friends, a debt owed to the PC or Garren, indentured servanthood, etc.

Characters may be any of the Human ethnicities. The land is so diverse and mixed that is not uncommon to find non-natives in any given part of the nation. The only real exception is Gallots, who are mainly confined to the southern regions of Signar. Even this, however, could be overcome with a good enough backstory. Any PCs who are family members should stick to the same 1 or 2 Human subtypes: it is possible that Garren was one ethnicity and Ela was another, one child inheriting one set of traits and the other inheriting the other.

Non-family characters have the possibility of being other races; however, non-humans must have a good backstory for why they are loyal to this Human family. Elves, Duládrin or Hulvorin Dwarves, Ogres, and Brown Orks are the most likely to be found in Human lands, while it would be very rare for Humans to be accepting of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Sekr, Black Orks, Ork Ogres, or Troglodytes, though again, a good enough backstory could justify even these races.

Ascension Overview

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