The lizardfolk of Gnar are graceful and resilient people who thrive in the rocky islands off Signar’s southwest coast. They are communally minded people who seem very tied to old hunter/gatherer ways.

Physically Troglodytes resemble large humanoid lizards, with two legs for walking and swimming and two arms with a fully functioning range of motion. Many have theorized that the Troglodytes were created by some former power, the Elves being the most logical culprit, but no one has claimed responsibility for their existence and no evidence on the subject has been turned up.

Speed: 5 | Size: Medium
Strength (+4) | Constitution (+20) | Agility (+20) | Dexterity (+10)
Charisma (+4) | Intelligence (+4) | Willpower (+4) | Perception (+10)
Hit Points (-5) | Close Combat (+0) | Marksmanship (+0) | Focus (+3) | Natural Armor Value (+0)
Traits: Natural Swimmer (Minor), Regeneration +8 (Minor)
Troglodytes may distribute Experience to Attribute Focus: Natural Armor Value at a rate of 1/1.

Troglodytes stand roughly 5 feet tall with an additional 3 to 5 feet of tail trailing behind them. Their skin can be myriad colors but is generally Brown, Red/Brown, Green, or Green/Brown. Females also tend to have more vibrant colors than males with a Blue, Purple, or Red sheen to their scales.

Troglodytes rarely wear clothing at all. Armor tends to be lightweight, allowing the warrior to swim uninhibited. Because of their physical weakness compared to other races they tend to use weapons with which they can injure opponents at a distance: bows, javelins, and polearms.


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