The Seven who are One

The Seven who are One
The newest and most popular religion throughout Signar, the worship of The Seven arose shortly after the defeat of the Solots by the forces of Signar Wulff. With the defeat of the Empire, a religious vacuum was left, as the prior state religion (The Imperial Cult) claimed that the Emperor was God.

Worship of The Seven can be seen as a combination of the monotheistic ideals of The Imperial Cult and the pagan polytheism of the pre-Solot religions. Teachings tend toward a more cultured take on morality, civic duty, and modes of worship.

There are 4 domains of magic for those who follow The Seven, each focusing on a different aspect of their god. The domains are The Poet & The Maiden, The Builder & The Mother, The Warrior & The Hag, and The Other.

The Poet & The Maiden – The Poet is portrayed as a hansom young man who is often holding a quill or lute. Worshippers pray to him for creative inspiration, good fortune, and love. The Maiden is portrayed as a simply dressed yet beautiful and happy young woman. Worshippers pray to her for beauty, happiness, and resistance to fleshly temptation. Together these two represent youth and good fortune.
Attributes: Will, Charisma
Spells: Beauty (Mi1), Bounding Leap (Fo1), Grace (Ma1), Selective Invisibility (Mi3), Sense Life (Kn1), Steady Hands (Ma1), Swiftness (Ma1)

The Builder & The Mother – The Builder is portrayed as a strong, middle aged man, often holding tools of construction or depicted as a blacksmith. Worshippers pray to him for success in building or business endeavors, fertility, and steadfastness. The Mother is portrayed as a weathered, middle aged woman, typically dressed as a wet nurse. Worshippers pray to her for safety during childbirth, protection during travel, and the wellbeing of children. Together these two represent industriousness, duty, and perseverance.
Attributes: Will, Intelligence
Spells: Cloak of Frost (Fo3), Cloak of Heat (Fo3), Dispel (Fa4, Fo6), Endurance (Ma1), Heal (Li2), Portal (Mi5, Sp4), Portal Compatibility (Kn2, Ma2), Reattach Limb (Li5, Ma2), Smite Undead (Fo1)

The Warrior & The Hag – The Warrior is portrayed as an aged but powerful man dressed in a full suit of armor and wielding a sword. Worshippers pray to him for success in battle, physical endurance and might, and focus. The Hag is portrayed as an ancient and hunched woman, usually requiring a staff to hold herself upright. Worshippers pray to her for wisdom, understanding, and reassurance about the future. Together they represent age and wisdom.
Attributes: Will, Perception
Spells: Elocution (Kn1), Flame Strike (Fo2), Foresight (Kn1), Insight (Mi1), Resolve (Mi1), Sense Magic (Kn1),Storm (Fo7, Ma5), Smite Undead (Fo1), Vigor (Ma1), Wisdom (Mi1)

The Other – The Other is rarely portrayed in churches or religious paintings, but when it is, it is a cloaked figure, neither male nor female, with skeletal hands. The Other is death and is only prayed to as a last resort, either as an escape from unbearable torment in life, or as a terrible curse upon a truly loathsome enemy. Those who worship The Other primarily are viewed with distrust because they are the bringers of judgment and death.
Attributes: Will, Perception
Spells: Cold Strike (Fo2), Freeze (Ma5), Harm (Fo2), Hideous Countenance (Mi3), Ice Armor (Ma5), Sense Death (Kn1), Soul Leech (De7, Mi9)

The Seven who are One

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