The Protectorate of Signar

The Protectorate of Signar
The Protectorate is the primary political entity on the continent of Vaenlan, ruling over what was once The Elven Empire. The Empire was destroyed with the invasion of the Solots, who were in turn defeated by the local Human populace in a revolt led by Signar Wulff. Wulff proclaimed himself King of the newly formed nation which he declared his Protectorate. His dynastic legacy his lived on for almost 300 years, as the land has be ruled by his descendants ever since.

While this King is supreme ruler of The Protectorate, the land is broken down into feudal wards and baronies given to the nobility to rule as they see fit with the authority of the King. While the King reserves the right to interfere directly with any Lord’s holdings, so long as taxes are paid and proper respect is shown he is typically quite happy to allow lesser nobles to rule as they please.

The dominion of the Protectorate extends over The Issjór and Khaz Kathan in the North, to The Fennlands in the East, though The Riverlands to Gallotia in the South. Though Krellite nationals might claim differently, Krell is also a part of the Protectorate; however, it is a vassal state, and a formidable occupation force is spread throughout the land.

Greater Houses (Legend)
House Wulff | House Björler | House Gunnarsson | House Hampel | House Schwarzhande | House Tolonen

Lesser Houses
Wulff Vassals: The PCs House | House Breyer | House Dolving | House Halonen | House Ragnar
Björler Vassals: House Lindblom | House Ranta | House Rosengren | House Sørgaard | House Tennmann
Gunnarsson Vassals: House Horne | House Kahru | House Niklasson | House Sigthorn | House Strömblad | House Sveinsson
Hampel Vassals: House Asten | House Kurhila | House Skafte | House Villberg
Schwarzhande Vassals:
Tolonen: House Lundström

Minor Houses
Wulff Vassals: House Koskeinen
Björler Vassals: House Aers | House Lianodel
Gunnarsson Vassals:
Hampel Vassals: House Kukkohovi | House Parviainen
Schwarzhande Vassals:
Tolonen Vassals: House Jarva | House Stanne

Holy Orders: Davenstone Brethren | Order of the Weeping Saint
Sellsword Companies: Black Talon | Death Knights | Steel Brotherhood

The Protectorate of Signar

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