The PCs House

PC’s House of Salomaa

This is the family of one or more of the PCs in the campaign Ascension.

Salomaa is located on the northern river which divides the lands of King Wulff from those of High Lord Tolonen. Though the house has always been a vassal of House Wulff, they have just as much contacts with the vassals of House Tolonen. In fact, the PCs have met High Lord Toumas Tolonen, his brother Lord Samuel, and their cousin Lord Marshal Henri, while they have only ever personally met Lord Marshal Patrik Wulff. That their lands lie closer to the Tolonen capitol of Paasilinna than to Karmila make this association with the Tolonens all the easier.
The PC’s House is a vassal of House Wulff.

  • {Kevan the Righteous, Sir} – Age: 48 – The PC’s uncle, elder brother of Garren. He was slain at the Battle of Kaamen’s Field at the age of 39.

  • Garren, Lord – Age: 45 – Lord of PC’s House. Before the PC was born, Garren received a terrible wound while vanquishing a group of bandits which were raiding the countryside. The wound became infected and his left leg was amputated. Ever since, he has been prone to terrible health problems. His mind is still honed, but he has very much resigned from the day to day running of his lands.
    • Ela Villberg, Lady – Age: 45 – The PC’s mother who takes care of most of the family’s business due to Garren’s frequent illness. She is politically savvy, and since Aksel’s death she has represented the family whenever travel is involved.
      • {Aksel} – Age: 26 – 1st son of Garren, married to Arienne Ranta. Three years ago, he was slain accidentally when a border dispute with the neighboring Lord, Linder Folken, escalated to blows. He was shot dead by Folken’s men before they could be called off. Though reparations were made, Garren has never forgiven Lord Folken.
        • Arienne Ranta, Lady – Age: 24 – Daughter of a desert lord, Arienne and Aksel met 4 years ago when Aksel traveled to Jussila to negotiate river tariffs with the Björlers. They fell in love and he retuned home with a wife. After his death, she returned to her family in Delevärik, though she has maintained correspondence with the PC’s family.
      • The PC – The 2nd child of Garren, and one of the heroes of our story.

  • Tansa Dolving, Lady – Age: 40 – Younger sister of Garren, aunt of the PC. She is the widow of {Osten Dolving}, mother and acting Regent of Lord Redgar Dolving.

  • Olavi Eight Fingers, Sir – Age: 34 – Younger brother of Lord Garren, and the PC’s uncle. He is a hedge knight of some renown. He earned the name Eight Fingers when he lost the thumb and forefinger on his left hand while fighting Orks during Ghazzfang Spineripper’s invasion.
      • Eggard – Age: 12 – Bastard son of Olavi. He acts as a squire for his father.

  • Byron Stroud, Sir – Age: 33 – Garren’s Master of Arms and a veteran of the Battle of Kaamen’s field. If lord Garren were to ever leave the keep, Byron would act as Castellan.
  • Christoph Saether – Age: 42 – Garren’s advisor and family physician. The Saether family has had ties to the PC’s for many generations.
  • Madril Nordhus – Age: 44 – Lady Ela’s handmaid and wetnurse for her children. Madril had as much of a hand in raising Aksel and the PC as either Garren or Ela.

  • Jønne Børjesson – Age: 24 – Older brother of Jörg, Jønne is a castle guard who has taken over tending the horses, a position once held by his father. He is a kind man who has always acted like an older brother to the PC.
  • Jörg Børjesson – Age: 21 – Younger brother of Jønne, and a castle guard. The PC has, on several occasions, caught him stealing from the kitchen, though his paunch midsection is proof enough that he has been eating more than the other soldiers in the castle.
  • Manne Nevaleinen – Age: 38 – A castle guard who has served Garren for nearly 20 years. His loyalty is without question.
      • Ulf Nevaleinen – Age: 17 – Manne’s son and a member of the castle guard, like his father. Ulf grew up with the PC.
  • Rutger Smollack – Age: 30 – A castle guard and once a good friend of Aksel. He was present at Aksel’s death and blames himself for failing to react in time. Though he always looked out for the PC as a child, he always seemed very distant and never made an attempt to get to know the PC.
  • Skaila Runesson – Age: 32 – A seasoned Norse sellsword turned castle guard for Garren. She settled in Salomaa and swore fealty to Garren 6 years ago after the merchant convoy she was guarding was attacked by Goblins and they were rescued by Aksel. Though a woman, she is very much “one of the men” in both words and actions.

The PCs House

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