The Imperial Cult

The Imperial Cult
During the reign of the Solot Empire, the Imperial Cult was the state religion. Leaders at the time actively discouraged other beliefs, often using violence to persuade others of their views. The primary tenant of The Imperial Cult is that there is one God and the Emperor is his incarnation.

Popularity waned to the point of extinction after the fall of Solot rule in Signar; however, recent years have witnessed a resurgence of belief in the Cult with several key changes. Foremost is the idea that it is not necessarily the Solot Emperor who is the incarnation of God but rather that it is great rulers in a more general sense who are either God incarnate or at least sent by God. They have therefore ended up worshipping the King in the place of the Emperor. This has worked out well in the King’s favor, so he has allowed the cult to remain, though he does not ascribe to the notion of himself as a deity.


The Emperor’s Hand
Attributes: Will, Charisma, Perception
Spells: Avatar of the Divine (Fa2, Ma1), Cloak of Heat (Fo3), Dispel (Fa4, Fo6), Divine Wrath (Fa4, Fo2), Elocution (Kn1), Endurance (Ma1), Foresight (Kn1), Insight (Mi1), Reattach Limb (Li5, Ma2), Resolve (Mi1), Sacrifice (Fa1, Li1), Sense Magic (Kn1), Vigor (Ma1)

The Imperial Cult

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