Ogres have been around since long before the Elven Empire was born; however, in all that time their way of life has changed very little. While many had been encultured through long years of slavery to the Elven Empire and a few continue their lives within Human settlements, many have since reverted to their simpler hunter gatherer lifestyle. More often than not that means banditry, but Ogres seem to enjoy it. They are dull witted, but the majority are not what most would call evil. In fact, the archetype of the apologetic Ogre bandit is one that is found throughout much of modern Signar.

Speed: 7 | Size: Large
Strength (+44) | Constitution (+44) | Agility (-5) | Dexterity (-5)
Charisma (-5) | Intelligence (-5) | Willpower (+2) | Perception (-10)
Hit Points (+40) | Close Combat (+0) | Marksmanship (+0) | Focus (-16) | Natural Armor Value (+0)
Traits: Slow Learner (Major)

Physically they are very imposing, standing over 7 feet tall and built of muscle. Their bodies are nearly hairless, and even the hair on their heads is sparse and nappy. Small, beady eyes are hidden deep in their skulls, protected by a thick brow and high cheek bones. If one could get a good look at them they would find that Ogres’ eyes have the same range of colors as those of a Human.

Ogres usually dress in skins or scavenged clothing. Kilts are popular as they do not require much tailoring and provide the freedom of movement that the often clumsy Ogres require. They rarely wear shirts, instead preferring cloaks, ponchos, and other garb which they do not risk tearing with their massive, uncoordinated upper bodies. Often they forsake torso coverings altogether.


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