House Wulff

House Wulff of Karmila
Ranking amongst the oldest of the Signaran noble houses, House Wulff is certainly the most distinguished as it is the house of kings. Signar Wulff led the rebellion against the Solots in sc211 and claimed the title of King. His descendants have ruled Signar ever since from their ancestral home in Karmila, a city situated in the middle of the Protectorate on the Kaukapäivä River.

  • Klaus Wulff, King – Age: 49 – King of Signar and direct descendant of Signar Wulff. At his prime he was a respected leader, but he has since drifted into alternating bouts of paranoia and extravagance. He is currently married to Alessa Tolonen, his second wife, who has succeeded in bearing him and heir.
    • {Jussica Wulff, Queen} – Age: 50 – The 1st wife of Klaus and older sister of Rainer Hampel. She died of pneumonia at the age of 26.
      • Adrina Gunnarsson, Princess – Age: 34 – The 1st daughter of Klaus and Jussica. She is married to Kolkka Gunnarsson and lives in the Nordic Lands with their 3 sons.
      • Relene Wulff, Princess – Age: 32 – The 2nd daughter of Klaus and Jussica.
      • Mara Wulff, Princess – Age: 29 – The 3rd daughter of Klaus and Jussica.
    • Alessa Wulff, Queen – Age: 33 – The 1st daughter of Toumas Tolonen, she was given to Klaus in marriage at the age of 15 after the death of Klaus’ previous wife.
      • Kristine Wulff, Princess – Age: 17 – The 1st daughter of Klaus and Alessa.
      • Nel Wulff, Princess – Age: 16 – The 2nd daughter of Klaus and Alessa.
      • Anselm Wulff, Prince – Age: 14 – The 1st son of Klaus and Alessa and heir to the Kingdom. There are high hopes that Anselm will be an excellent king.
      • Gregory Wulff, Prince – Age: 10 – The 2nd son of Klaus and Alessa. He is a typically a quiet boy, but he is prone to fits of anger.

  • Henrik Wulff, Lord – Age: 48 – Younger brother of Klaus, Henrik is a scheming statesman who rules over a large portion of the Wulff lands. His rule is harsh but efficient, and he has a tendency toward dogmatism in his strict adherence to the laws of the kingdom.
    • Elise Wulff, Lady – Age 43 – The 1st wife of Henrik and daughter of a Hampel. She is as shrewd a negotiator as her husband.
      • Edgaar Wulff, Sir – Age: 23 – The 1st son of Henrik and Elise.
      • Theon Wulff, Sir – Age: 18 – The 2nd son of Henrik and Elise.
      • Oberen Wulff, Sir – Age: 15 – The 3rd son of Henrik and Elise.

  • Patrik Wulff, Lord Marshal – Age: 40 – Younger brother of Klaus, Patrik is a respected general responsible for putting down several uprisings over the years. He led the relief force at the Battle of Kaamen’s Field and the army sent to quell Guistan Godhoof’s rebellion. Though he has a sour disposition, he is well respected and is one of 3 Lord Marshals, the highest military rank in the kingdom.
    • {Ananda Wulff, Lady} – Age 34 – The 1st wife of Patrik and sister of Eliath Ragnar. It was only through the urging of his brother that Patrik married at all.
      • Alecsandra Wulff, Lady – Age: 8 – The 1st daughter and only child of Patrik. Her mother died during child birth.

  • Evard Wulff, Lord – Age: 31 – Youngest brother of Klaus, Evard is loved by the people, particularly the Hampels who have had long standing bonds to House Wulff. Currently unmarried, his choice of wife is foremost in the minds of many of the kingdom’s noblewomen.
    • {Annette Wulff, Lady} – Age 29 – The 1st wife of Evard who tragically died when a fire broke out in her bedchamber.
      • Ella Wulff – Age: 6 – The 1st daughter of Evard and Annette.
      • Stromthorn Wulff – Age: 2 – The 1st son of Evard and Annette.

  • Asbjørn Geidrius, Sir – Age: 31 – The Master of Arms for King Klaus Wulff and a veteran of the Battle of Kaamen’s Field. He is a soldier of few morals but undeniable talent.
  • Morten the Cripple – Age: 17 – The 2nd son of Orric Schwarzhande and ward of Lord Marshall Patrik Wulff. He is a clever boy with a knack for tactical thinking, both military and political.
  • Luukan son of Guistan – Age: 15 – The only surviving son of Guistan Godhoof. Luukan is a very charismatic individual, like his father, but he is being held as a ward by Henrik Wulff.

House Wulff

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