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  • The PCs House

    *PC’s House of Salomaa*

    This is the family of one or more of the PCs in the campaign [[Ascension Overview | Ascension]].

    Salomaa is located on the northern river which divides the lands of King [[House Wulff | Wulff]] from those …

  • House Wulff

    *House Wulff of Karmila*
    Ranking amongst the oldest of the Signaran noble houses, House Wulff is certainly the most distinguished as it is the house of kings. Signar Wulff led the rebellion against the Solots in sc211 and claimed the title of …

  • House Tolonen

    *House Tolonen of Paasilinna*
    The Tolonens are a house nearly as old as the Wulffs, and they have been right behind their king at nearly every major event in history. Some say that it is the Tolonens who actually rule behind all of the Wulff …

  • House Bjorler

    *House Björler of Jussila*
    The Björlers are the most recent noble house to carry the title of High Lord, having only been granted the honor 260 years ago after they were instrumental in putting down the previous High Lord’s rebellion. Ever …

  • House Gunnarsson

    *House Gunnarsson of Ravenfeld*
    The descendants of the last Nordic Thenn, Gunnarr the Wise, House Gunnarsson is the oldest of all the noble houses, able to trace their lineage to the days of the great Thenns of Norse lore, long before the Solots …

  • House Hampel

    *House Hampel of Sundesvall*
    The Hampels have been around since the founding of Signar in 216. They are the descendants of Boris Hampel, a mason before the war, who quickly distinguished himself and rose through the ranks to become a trusted …

  • House Schwarzhande

    *House Schwarzhande of Kriegsende*
    Though not officially one of the High Houses, the influence of House Schwarzhande is indisputable. Formed after the conquest of the Krellite people by the Solots, the house was used as a puppet to rule the …

  • House Asten

    *House Asten of Rhaems*
    House Asten is a vassal of [[House Hampel]].

    • {Søren Asten, Lord} – Age: 67 – Former Lord of House Asten, one of the 3 Lord Marshals, and a well respected man. He died in his sleep at age 63.
      < …

  • House Dolving

    *House Dolving of Fröberg*
    House Dolving is a vassal of [[House Wulff]].

    • {Osten Dolving, Lord} – Age: 41 – The Deceased Lord of House Dolving. He died of a fever at age 38.
      • *Tansa Dolving, Lady* – Age: 40 – …

  • House Halonen

    *House Halonen of Grauberg*
    House Halonen is a vassal of [[House Wulff]].

    • *Derrin Halonen, Lord* – Age: 38 – The Lord of House Halonen.
      • *Evild Halonen, Lady* – Age: 40 – A merchant’s daughter who married into …

  • House Horne

    *House Horne of Northwaite*
    One of House Gunnarsson’s most powerful vassals, House Horne has long been the rulers of the northernmost lands of the Issjór. Their people are known for their hearty fortitude born of necessity from living in such harsh …

  • House Kahru

    *House Kahru of Suswik*
    House Kahru is a vassal of [[House Gunnarsson]].

    • *Jesper Kahru, Lord* – Age: 34 – One of High Lord Gunnarsson’s most powerful and trusted vassals.
      • *Morgan Kahru, Lady* – Age: 31 – 1st …

  • House Kurhila

    *House Kurhila of Trauberg*
    House Kurhila is a vassal of [[House Hampel]].

    • *Storri Kurhila, Lord* – Age: 31 – The Lord of House Kurhila. One of the 3 Lord Marshals: the highest military rank in all of Signar. He has …

  • House Lindblom

    *House Lindblom of Davenstone*
    House Lindblom is a vassal of [[House Bjorler | House Björler]].

    • *Viktor Lindblom, Lord* – Age: 41 – Lord of House Lindblom.
      • *Luci Lindblom, Lady* – Age: 42 – Wife of Viktor.

  • House Lundstrom

    *House Lundström of Hakoren*
    House Lundström is a vassal of [[House Tolonen]].

    • *Toman Lundström, Lord* – Age: 36 – The Lord of House Lundström.
      • {Hellin Lundström, Lady} – Age: 35 – First wife of Toman and …

  • House Ragnar

    *House Ragnar of Taurainen*
    House Ragnar is a vassal of [[House Wulff]].

    • *Eliath Ragnar (the Elder), Lord* – Age: 43 – Also called Pious Eliath, the Lord of House Ragnar has the reputation of being deeply religious as well as …

  • House Ranta

    *House Ranta of Delevärik*
    House Ranta is a vassal of [[House Bjorler | House Björler].

    • *Olav Ranta, Lord* – Age: 68 – Lord of House Ranta, a feeble and sickly old man.
      • *Mikkel Ranta, Sir* – Age: 47 – 1st son of Olav and …

  • House Rosengren

    *House Rosengren of Cardenberg & Miersmaa*
    House Rosengren is a vassal of [[House Bjorler | House Björler]].

    • *Nikils Rosengren, Lord* – Age: 47 – The Lord of the Red Leaf Rosengrens, Nikils has been a reliable vassal to Lord …

  • House Skafte

    *House Skafte of Halomaa*
    House Skafte is a vassal of [[House Hampel]].

    • *Haken Skafte, Lord* – age: 30 – The Lord of House Skafte. He is considered by most to have a very uncomfortable demeanor.
      • *Eva Skafte, Lady* …

  • House Sorgaard

    *House Sørgaard of Freidberg*
    House Sørgaard is a vassal of [[House Bjorler | House Björler]].

    • *Fredrick Sørgaard (The Elder), Lord* – Age: 45 – The Lord of House Sørgaard. He is married to his 1st cousin Helen [[House Asten …

  • House Villberg

    *House Villberg of Vähäkuopus*
    House Villberg is a vassal of [[House Hampel]].

    • {Ulrika Villberg, Lady} – Age: 43 – Elder sister of Aaden, married to 3rd son of a Field Lord, died in a fire at 38.

    • *Ela …

  • House Aers

    *House Aers of Keltímaa*
    The longstanding rulers of Keltímaa, House Aers is presided over by Johann Aers, a devoutly religious man. Johann is currently best known as the father of Veronika Aers, Head of The [[Order of the Weeping Saint]].

  • House Jarva

    *House Jarva of Aksenberg*
    Best known for crafting high quality longbows, Lord Tanelli Jarva has been rapidly increasing his house’s wealth through shrewd business ventures. He has managed to catch the eye of High Lord Tolonen, who has taken a …

  • House Koskeinen

    *House Koskeinen of Straussberg*
    Ruled by Lord Helmut Koskeinen, the most noteworthy fact about this minor house is Helmut’s 4th son, Rolf, who has gained some renown as a hedge knight.
    House Koskeinen is a vassal of [[House Wulff]].

  • House Parviainen

    *House Parviainen of Laapsimaa*
    A growing power in the Riverlands, House Parviainen has yet to truly distinguish itself; however, Lord Danner has contributed a significant number of soldiers to the occupation of Krell, a gesture which has not …

  • House Kukkohovi

    *House Kukkohovi of Nevelinna*
    Known primarily as the House of one of the 3 Lord Marshals, House Kukkohovi has small but prosperous holdings in the Riverlands. What they lack in martial might Lord Taneli more than makes up for in respect from …

  • House Lianodel

    *House Lianodel of Lianodel*
    Not actually a House under the typical definition, house Lianodel is a small community of Elves living in Gallotia who have sworn fealty to the Björlers. Founded and headed by the Sekr Elvalia, they accept Elves …

  • House Stanne

    *House Stanne of Moen*
    Lord Rhaegir Stanne is married to Aldhissa Stanne, sister of Osten [[House Dolving | Dolving]], former Lord of House Dolving. His son is Sir Mikael Stanne, The Basilisk Knight.
    House Stanne is a vassal of [[House …

  • Elvalia of Lianodel

    Originally Elvafinna Knarrarbrigga, Elvalia is a full blooded Sekr who has forsaken her homeland and found acceptance amongst the Humans of Gallotia. She was given lands and title by Karsten [[House Bjorler | Björler]] after 25 years of faithful service.